Capital Advocates Helps Companies Obtain Access To Beneficial Government Programs

by R.J. Deluke


   William Teator Capital Advocates LLC founder and CEO

William Teator
Capital Advocates LLC founder and CEO
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A company founded to help businesses and organizations open new doors to influential government and private sector opportunities now has a presence in Saratoga Springs.

Capital Advocates LLC founder and CEO William Teator had worked out of Washington, D.C., for years, but recently moved to 3 Aurora Ave., operating his business out of his home.

Teator said his main focus is still in the nation's capital, but with technological advances in communications, he can conduct his business from the Saratoga region.

Originally from upstate New York, Teator moved back to the area, though he makes frequent business trips to the District of Columbia. His partner still maintains an office there.

His company can also handle lobbying issues that deal with Albany, but for the most part his company teams with the Vandervort Group in Albany for those issues, he said.

Teator said Capital Advocates offers focused expertise in the areas of government relations, strategic communications, project management solutions and business development strategies for commercial, non-profit and public entities.

Those services can take the form of public affairs, lobbying, government marketing, grant management and public relations.

Teator was communications director and legislative aide to former U.S. Rep. Gerald Solomon, who was chairman of the House Rules Committee, and so is familiar with how government works. He remained with Solomon in a lobbying and consulting firm after the congressman retired until his death in 2001, at which time he moved to the Livingston group, headed by former House Appropriations Committee Chairman Bob Livingston.

In 2003, Teator started his own company. In February, he moved his operation to New York state, operating out of his Saratoga home. He said the proximity to the Albany International Airport, and the dynamic nature of the Saratoga region also factored into his decision.

Capital Advocates helps companies negotiate the governmental and political mazes on issues that would be to their benefit. It offers access to "knowledge and tools government has provided" to help business that many people may not be aware of or can't access.

One niche the company is involved in that has been a big benefit, said Teator, is in the area of export management and promotion. He said the government can help U.S. manufacturers and suppliers get into markets they had no idea were open to them, including growing areas like Latin America, Africa and India.

"It's not just for big business, but small and mid-sized," he said.

Teator said those developing countries are in the market for many products. Getting involved not only creates new markets for selling and distributing U.S. products, but it helps foster growth in those regions of the world.

Companies can "get their feet on the street" in these regions by linking with legitimate distributors. Teator's company can help identify potential sales, joint venture products and more.

"They need so many units of so many products in these massive populations," he said.

He said these areas need buildings supplies and building technologies. Companies can provide the means of production and capture royalties off of that.

"You can see the real impact of commerce" that results in jobs and employment in these regions.

This export promotion and management service works through the U.S. Commerce Department to cement deals that guarantee companies will get paid no matter what. If there is some tariff issue from an unstable government, or even in the face of political or social unrest, companies "have the comfort of knowing they'll get paid. It's like an insurance policy," said Teator.

Teator can be reached at 430-1233.

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