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Strategic Communication Planning for Your Success

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Strategic Communication

Too often leaders or organizations jump in at the middle and are committing random communication apart from a conscious strategy aligned to their real desired goals or brand culture. Strategic communication consulting intentionally maps desired outcomes with the varied stakeholders needing education or persuasion along the way. Effective internal or external communication is essential for organizations to capitalize on opportunities, overcome obstacles or address public challenges.  

Change Management & Training Development

Change management is needed to support a shift in operations to gain productivity or the implementation of a new system or technology. We help create an effective strategic communication plan to educate, motivate and mobilize key internal stakeholders around the benefits of the needed organizational change or training to be delivered. 

Business Development Strategies

Capital Advocates and its skilled consulting professionals  are equipped with the relevant expertise to help our clients incorporate new business development and growth strategies. Working from strategic communication plans, we can help align key business to business or consumer facing partners needed to access new markets or capital resources.

Government Relations

 Working from our strategic communication plans, we will engage proven team professionals when needed to support delivery of key messaging that aligns clients' interests with influential government sector decision-makers and public opinion leaders to support policy initiatives. Using our strategy and project management, and incorporating our established partners, we ensure clients' are served by a cohesive team.